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EuropharmaDK, Tabs’n Caps and New Neopharm join forces for developing a leading parallel import company in Europe

Torben Pedersen (EuropharmaDK) and Patricio Aguirre (TNC group) have decided to join our activities for developing a leading parallel import company in EU.

The actual turnover of the 3 companies is approx. 100 mio. euro in total.

As our current product portfolios and market penetration in the different markets are today quite different and complementary, we believe that massive growth is realistic already in 2016. 

Already from September 1st, we can offer to our suppliers and customers a much larger portfolio of products in higher quantities.

We are adapting the organization in the coming months; but from September 1st, we will have all the trade and relabeling activities to Esbjerg, Denmark. 

Torben Pedersen stays as managing director of the company; Patricio Aguirre becomes director responsible for purchase, trade, and business development.

The new and stronger EuropharmaDK  holds own licenses in Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Spain. 

We are looking forward to meet you for explaining more details of our project; therefore we are going to be present in Expopharm with the whole commercial team.

Our stand is placed just in front of the meeting point, stand D-34, Halle 5, where we are having a glass of cava with all of you on Wednesday at 17,00.

EuropharmaDK regains its authorisation

The Danish Medicines Agency has decided to lift the suspension of EuropharmaDK's manufacturing and importation authorisation, following the outcome of a follow-up inspection of EuropharmaDK ApS on 8 March where the Danish Medicines Agency ascertained that the critical findings had been corrected.

The precise reason for lifting the suspension of EuropharmaDK's authorisation is that the company has employed a new qualified person and appointed a new Managing Director as of 1 February 2017. The company has moreover undergone a cultural change, establishing a basis to rebuild trust in the company. With the help of advisers within good manufacturing practice for medicinal products (GMP), the company has worked professionally to correct all the deficiencies the Danish Medicines Agency identified at its last inspection in December 2016, and which led to the suspension of EuropharmaDK's manufacturing and importation authorisation. The company has subsequently answered a number of questions and submitted considerable material to inform the Danish Medicines Agency of the company's procedures.

At a follow-up inspection on 8 March 2017, the Danish Medicines Agency verified that the previous major deficiencies had been corrected sufficiently. Some new deficiencies were identified, but the company has already corrected several of them and presented a satisfactory plan for correction of the remaining deficiencies.

During the inspection on 8 March, the company's stock of medicinal products, which had been quarantined, was also subjected to thorough spot checking, and no deficiencies were found in this connection. It was also agreed that all of the batches held in the company's stock of quarantined medicinal products should be released by the new qualified person prior to delivery.

"The company has worked hard and professionally to regain its authorisation and has shown strong will to change its past culture. It is against this background that we have handed back their authorisation to manufacture medicinal products. But we will of course keep a close eye on the company," says Thomas Vestergaard Pedersen, Team Manager of the Danish Medicines Agency's inspection.


Tabsncaps will be attending the Expopharm in Münich the 17-20 September 2014. This year we have chosen to place our stand much closer to the international meeting point: K-09 in Hall C4.

We are probably having the smallest stand of the whole Expo, therefore please contact us and book an appointment in advance.
EuroPharma.DK will attend Expopharm in Düsseldorf. Our stand will be opposite The International Meetingpoint: More info will follow soon.  

We hope to have many visitors at our stand. If you would like to book a meeting or have free entrance tickets, please contact your normal contactperson at EuroPharma.DK.

The Expo is from September 13th to September 16th 2017.

"Playing for children"

Once again we would like to say thanks to all the participants, both players and spectators, for taking part in this event. Underneath some of the around 200 pictures is shown, from this lovely day in Düsseldorf.
If you are interested in all the pictures on a cd, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following info: Name, Company and Address.